Why creative workspaces are important


A visually pleasing space is important, but equally so is how you use that space to achieve your goals, and how that space allows you to use it. Interior graphics can bring a space to life creatively;

here are some of the things we take into consideration:

Focus on collaboration and flexibility

Collaboration within the workspace has become much more important. Digital communication means there are now more ways than ever to work with people who aren’t sat next to you. However, our workspaces haven’t really kept up with this new way of working. The same static desks are still in use throughout the majority of workspaces, with creative meetings often taking place in closed off, isolated meeting rooms.

When generating ideas, it’s very important to have flexibility in the way you work and to give people the ability to join in with concepts or conversations when ideas are flowing.

Creating a space that allows this movement, increasing ‘positive posture’ to improve energy levels, and the opportunity to step in and out of the conversation, can all work towards improving creativity within the workspace.

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Another important factor in designing creative spaces is actually being able to see what is going on around you.

Draw everyone in by opening up spaces to create a more collaborative environment. Glass walls and glass meeting rooms show everyone where the action is, who is getting involved and invites colleagues to participate in the creativity.

Incorporating a design for a glass wall makes a creative, welcoming space that really brings a brand and its values to life.

For our interior graphics design for Park Community School, the designed floor-to-ceiling glass façade lets the children look out when they’re eating dinner and allows lots of natural light in, creating an exciting and enjoyable space for the children to use.

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Attracting people to the environments

Creating an environment that is welcoming to everyone is also essential. For people to want to enter the space and use it in their day-to-day working routine, the environment has to draw you in and let you know it is available for use any time. Using speciality medias, for example metallic printed images, can create something eye catching to passers-by. Once their attention has been caught, the rest of the graphics and interiors draw them in.

Interior graphics of course don’t determine all of the above; interior designers will define the majority of the interior space. Here at SoVibrant we have a hot desk policy where cross-team collaboration is encouraged, with the interior graphics designers influenced by the interior designers and vice versa.  Combining different types of knowledge allows for deeper understanding of the space to be designed, a wider range of ideas, and a more creative outcome for our clients.

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