Where do we find creative inspiration?


Inspiration can be found in all walks of life. We are all inspired by different moments and experiences every day. That piece of music you hear at the bus stop that stays in your head, the film that made you gasp at the cinema, even that time you had to pause and watch the sun come up whilst driving to work. It would be impossible not to be affected in some way by the world around us.


As a designer being aware of this influence allows us to look for ideas that are completely alien to our chosen subject matter. If this influence and experience is successful, the results should be unlike anything people have seen before. New experiences take us out of our comfort zone, challenging us to think in a different way.


A lot of car designers for example look at the natural world when creating the bodywork of a sports car. Looking at the stance of a tiger, its muscle structure and power it unleashes can inspire the flow of surfaces or help to identify where to place crease lines.


It is easy to get into certain habits when working professionally, time restrictions or maybe changes to a project can all mean that we are moulded into working a certain way that allows us to hit deadlines consistently. Changing how you work, or the method in which you produce content, whether this be the style of design or the software you use, can lead to the discovery of a happy accident. Only by going out of your comfort zone, can you generate ideas that the comfortable mindset wouldn’t be able to achieve.


One of our big inspirations here at SoVibrant is the gaming industry. Watch this video where Joel Emslie, Lead Artist on triple A game title Titanfall, used a different method to create the main characters of this game, the Titans. He explains how changing his method of concept’ing using a skill he’d developed his entire life, one not normally associated with game concept art, helped him create some really cool mechs and is a method they have now employed going forward.

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