What makes a great brand?


Branding is a big part of our lives in the Brand & Experience Team (funny that!). We live and breathe it and feel passionate that the brands we create are more than just a badge for your company or organisation.

Over the coming months, we will be looking at what makes a great brand – this month it’s brand values. Often the journey to a meaningful brand starts by pinning down what it is that the company or organisation stands for, in other words, its values.

What are brand values?

Brand values, for want of a better phrase, are the words and qualities that best describe you. Aimed at provoking an emotive response, values are a tool enabling your target audience to better understand and ‘buy in’ to what you stand for and your position in the market.

Why do you need brand values?

Simply put, a brand without values is essentially just a badge. It might look nice, but does it say anything about who you are and what you stand for.To develop a really credible brand, the identity must form a small part of the overall picture and be combined with considered use of typeface, colours, straplines and above all, values. The combination of these elements working together as part of your brand will illustrate your personality, positioning you in the minds of your target audience to give them a reason to choose you above all others.

A brand built on a strong foundation of values will give you longevity and credibility within the market. Well-established brands that have had long standing values instil these in their target audiences’ subconscious. They have more influence than those who simply use a badge – this is why you are more likely to choose Coca-Cola over supermarket ‘Roller Cola’ – because you believe it is better, higher quality, more desirable and says something about you as a person, all through the power of a well crafted brand with strong values.

Establishing your brand’s values

This is really crucial to get right – having disparity between the values you choose and the personality of your company or organisation can do you a disservice. You want your values to reflect the experience your target audience will have with your brand.

Part of the process we undertake when creating brands for our clients is really engaging them topin down what they really stand for. By having a fundamental understanding of our clients’ values, we approach our creative process in a more focused and channelled way. We work with them to best articulate these values, establishing not just a look and feel but also a tone of voice that reflects these ‘invisible’ qualities that they have – just one facet of the SoVibrant branding service.

How to make the most of your brand values

Once you have established what it is your company or organisation stands for, and the way that you want to articulate these messages. It’s imperative that your target audience’s brand experience lives up to your brand values – this includes the way your built environments look, to the way your employees act and deliver customer service. This can potentially mean wholesale changes in attitude, but the rewards that can be reaped are exponential.

We make change happen and if you’re looking to update your brand and discover your true brand values call No. to find out more or take a look at some of the clients we’ve helped to date here.

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