What is Oculus Rift

Here at SoVibrant we’re always looking out for new and innovative technology and there’s an exciting piece of virtual reality development hardware doing the rounds in the office that we want to share – Oculus Rift. By simply putting on the headset, users can step into a virtual world and look around as you would in the real world. This gives us the opportunity to develop both real-time visualisation and virtual reality situations for our clients.


Having trialled scenes created in the virtual reality software Unreal Engine using the Rift, the results are impressive when compared with a standard PC monitor. Features such as full head tracking allow you to control the environment you are in by moving your head, offering huge opportunity to create a natural and intuitive experience, particularly important for mainstream games and tech demos. And with and wider field of view means the user is only limited by what their eyes can see!

Most of us here at SoVibrant are able to use the Rift without any issues but we did find that there were a select few who suffered from motion sickness. Unfortunately this is just one of the many hurdles that will need to be overcome if this technology is to make it into our homes.


Although the technology powering current VR technologies isn’t quite there yet, the immersion you feel when using the headset is impressive. With current computer hardware limitations the way they are right now, mainstream VR is a few years off but certainly, from what we have seen here in the office, it is a very promising and exciting step forward in the field of full immersion.

Here’s a link to Oculus Rift in case you want to find out more or contact Mo Akhtar here at SoVibrant.

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