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East Lancashire NHS Trust

Burnley General Hospital





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Interior graphics scheme

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Brand and Experience

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April 2015

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Burnley General Hospital is part of East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. For this project SoVibrant worked collaboratively with its CAMHS unit (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), known specifically as the East Lancashire Child & Adolescent Services (ELCAS) to achieve exciting results. The team works with local schools, children, young people and families where a young person is experiencing severe, complex and persistent mental health problems or disorders.

The ELCAS team wanted to improve its existing space to create a user friendly area that would connect better with the children and young people and communicate a learning code that encourages them to enjoy learning, making it accessible. Understanding how the team functions and what challenges it faces every day was the key to delivering meaningful and positive results for everyone.

The Challenge

The limited space provided for the children was cluttered and dated, especially the furniture, so for SoVibrant the challenge was to make best use of the space available. Also from a visual angle, the graphics had to be gender neutral, age range appropriate and for the written values, it was important they were also translated into visual imagery.

The Results

To incorporate the graphic scheme, the cluttered areas were freed up and shelving units removed to create clear wall spaces. SoVibrant ensured the graphics were printed to the highest standards and took full responsibility for the installation, creating an inspirational space for the ELCAS team and everyone using the service.

The Trust’s Board of Directors has seen the impact of the work and a plan has been implemented to roll-out similar graphics schemes across the wider ELCAS unit. The client was extremely happy with the smooth process and the positive reaction received. The outcome created a sense of positivity and well-being for families experiencing difficulty in their lives.

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