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As a group of designers we are constantly scouring the web for online tools or resources to help us to streamline our design processes and facilitate collaborative working, as well as to provide us with some inspirational ideas. As we are a sharing bunch here at SoVibrant we thought we would share our current top five design resources.


1. Pinterest

We use Pinterest as a way to collect ideas, inspiration and precedent images for most projects that we embark on. It’s a great way to remotely collaborate with each other and to build up a library of great inspirational content. For those projects or clients which need to remain confidential Secret Boards are a great tool to keep any information secure.
You can follow the SoVibrant Pinterest account here.


2. Moodboard

Similar to Pinterest, Moodboard is a fairly new tool that also allows content to be collected into digital mood boards which can be ‘published’ and distributed across the team or issued to a client. Unfortunately the tool doesn’t allow images to be collected from the web as Pinterest does – but we are hoping this will be available soon as the tool develops.

3. Behance Network

Another great source of inspiration content the Behance Network has a collection of amazing projects across a wide range of sectors including Graphic Design , Branding, Advertising, Architecture & Interior Design to name but a few.


4. TeamSpeak

Unlike the previous three resources TeamSpeak isn’t really a resource so to speak but a great tool for constant communication across our teams. TeamSpeak allows each user to log in and out to any number of conversations and talk to each other. With so many of us moving away from traditional working practices and working away from our desks most of the time TeamSpeak is a great way to stay in contact with the team.



5. Inspire Retail Design Blog

At SoVibrant we all have our own individual sources of inspiration as well as the collective ones we use above. Inspire Retail Design Blog just happens to be one of my favourites. Due to the competition for our attention on the high street retail design tends to have a bit more freedom of creativity and expression than other sectors of Interior Design, which allows for some unique and interesting schemes – most of which end up being featured on this great blog.
For your own inspiration why not check out some of our amazing case studies here

All images courtesy of Google image search unless otherwise stated

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