The rise of the high-back sofa

Top ten office high-backs

In recent years, the open plan office has seen a big increase in informal meeting spaces. Partly as a response to loss of desk ownership and the need to support flexible working, but also to alleviate pressure on formal meeting rooms.

High-back sofas, when positioned facing each other, provide semi-private spaces with surprisingly good acoustic qualities. The market is awash with every major manufacturer providing a version, including options that close off one end and include fixed tables and fitted AV.

Here’s our top ten (in no particular order!):

Vitra Alcove

Vitra Alcove



Naughtone ‘Cloud’Naughtone Cloud


Connection ‘Hive’

connection - hive - highback - sovibrant


Prooff ‘Niche’

Prooff Niche


Boss Design ‘Cocoon’

Boss Design Cocoon


Neinkamper ‘Tuxedo’

Neinkamper Tuxedo


Bene ‘Parcs’

Bene Parcs


Allemuir ‘Haven’

Allermuir Haven


Task ‘Stripes’

Task Stripes


Joergensen ‘EJ 400-B’

Joergensen EJ 400-B


Orangebox ‘Cwtch’

Orangebox Cwtch


HK Hjelle ‘Duo’

HK Hielle Duo

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