The importance of creativity and innovation

In our industry creativity and innovation are vitally important. To innovate, creative individuals are essential. Here at SoVibrant we unleash our creativity and seek innovation in all we do, that’s how we make change happen.

Creativity and innovation rely on each other in many ways, but it’s easy to get confused between them both and how they are used.

But what’s the difference?

Creativity refers to generating new ideas, the capability of conceiving something original that others have missed,a form of expression, a way of solving problems. However, alone it is just not enough. You need to be able to do something with it.“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”– Albert Einstein

Innovation refers to the implementation of an idea, the action; it is applied creativity. “The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams.” W. Arthur Porter

Companies do not innovate, people do. For example as a team we are always evolving our thinking, techniques and technology, seeking out and implementing innovation that improves, empowering clients to make clever choices that allow them to stay ahead of the game and attain long-term success.

All companies have the ability to be creative, but not all of them have the ambition, drive, and knowledge to harness their creativity in order to drive innovation.

The greatest innovations are the simple ones we take for granted, and usually they develop from a creative mind. Nurturing a culture that allows for innovation is vital. Striving for continual innovation is the key, the ability to always make an impact on your audience. Don’t ever think that what you have done previously will be sufficient in the future, always endeavour to develop further. Innovation is the most critical factor for success, and without creativity it is stifled.

In the great words of Bill Gates: “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” -Bill Gates

See our creativity and innovation in action here

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