Meet the team


Our multi-disciplined team uses strategic, transformation and creative skills to make change happen. Find out more about the people you’ll be working with, here.

Staff photography - Mike Carter


CLIENT SERVICES DIRECTOR AND CO-FOUNDER                                        

A SoVibrant co-founder, Mike drives the Client Services and Marketing operations. With a Mechanical Engineering degree, Mike now specialises in the interiors sector and has 14 years’ business development and client management experience. An expert communicator and listener, Mike’s early career as an RAF pilot secured the foundations for a highly organised and confident team leader.

Staff photography - Helen Nicol



Strategically-minded, Helen is one of SoVibrant’s co-founders. Experienced in design, business transformation, operational evaluation and work place strategy, Helen offers a rich understanding of the interface between strategy and design. With a Bdes (Hons) Interior & Environmental Design, Helen has worked on major projects in the commercial sector for over 15 years for many leading national and international companies.

Malik Salameh Profile Photograph


NON EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                       

Malik, who has been involved with SoVibrant since its inception, supports senior leadership teams in strategy, organisational behaviour and implementing transformational change. As a Senior Director and Strategic Advisor, he brings over 20 years’ experience working on or with Executive Management Boards and CEOs. As a Professor of Management he enjoys sharing his knowledge, whilst still learning from his students.

Peter Pringle staff photography



Managing design projects across the team, Peter is a focused and highly personable individual who provides the creative direction and coordination to ensure milestones are met and projects completed on time. With a degree in architecture, Peter possesses an in-depth understanding of, and incredible passion for, design of all forms. His flair inspires creativity throughout the SoVibrant design team.

Mo Akhtar staff photography



Specialising in all things virtual and digital, Mo is an exceptionally talented individual and an expert problem solver. One of the founding members of the SoVibrant team, Mo ensures the Media Productions department is always one step ahead by adopting the latest 3D and digital media techniques to deliver advanced solutions that bring ideas to life for our clients.

Charlie Herries staff photography



One of those rare talents that excels both creatively and technically, Charlie has over 20 years’ experience as a designer and an incredibly wide range of technical knowledge. A founding member of SoVibrant, Charlie is an invaluable team member and his in-depth experience is a first-rate resource for our clients. Always inventive in his approach ensures stand-out results.

Paul Brook staff photography



Often managing client projects as lead consultant within our Interiors team, Paul brings a broad skill-set and invaluable experience across numerous professional sectors. With a background in both architecture and interior design, Paul qualified as an interior designer in 1995 and was one of the founding members of the SoVibrant team.

Francesca Gueli-Parkin staff photography



Creativity is just one of Francesca’s many qualities. A refreshing and charismatic addition to our Interiors team in 2014 – she’s a true perfectionist. Francesca’s expert trend knowledge and understanding of a wide range of design styles means she is always full of unique ideas. Francesca truly understands how people, processes, technology and spaces integrate and interact.

Ryan Blackburn staff photography


MEDIA DESIGNER                             

A specialist in CGI, concept art, Real-Time, sketching, and much more, Ryan brings those all-important ideas to life for our clients. A rare breed, he is both artistic and technical and it is his obsession for cars that led to a degree in transport design, excelling further to achieve a Masters in 3D Digital Design.

Mark Kitching staff photography



Efficient, organised and relentlessly thorough, Mark joined SoVibrant in 2013. A compulsive list-maker and highly analytical, he puts his Business degree to good use as an established member of the Strategy and Transformation team.  With previous experience working in the retail sector, Mark draws on this insight to help deliver meaningful and positive results across client projects.

Amanda Power staff photography



With a background in the Accountancy sector, meticulous Finance Manager, Amanda, joined the creative design industry 10 years ago.  Amanda is highly detailed with an in-depth finance knowledge. Strong analytical skills and her love of numbers, facts and figures makes her the perfect person for this job.