Creating successful spaces with MDF


We’re all familiar with the versatility of MDF. Cheap, flexible, without grain, easy to shape and thermally stable, MDF is an excellent substrate for veneers or spray lacquered finishes.

Blah blah, all pretty boring in comparison to the infinite number of surface finishes available today. But maybe it’s time for a reminder that MDF has its own natural beauty and need not masquerade behind expensive veneers.

You only have to look at the coloured versions available and how they have been used to great effect at David Chipperfield’s excellent Hepworth Galleryin Wakefield. The chunky panels give the appearance of stone but offer the warmth of wood. On closer inspection the fibres within the board absorb the dye in varying degrees and once polished this brings out a beautiful pattern.



Valchromat is one supplier of the raw material. Developed well over a decade ago, Valchromat is a high quality, coloured MDF, formed using only organic dyes.




It has the usual MDF qualities but is claimed to have higher mechanical strength and be less abrasive to tools, and it’s also water resistant so can be used in bathrooms.


Routed sculptured effects can be achieved along with wording.




We’ve fallen a little bit in love with MDF again here at SoVibrant, take a look at one of the projects where we featured MDF here.

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