Spen Valley High School


Spen Valley High School




Liversedge, West Yorkshire

Project Description:

Interiors graphics – bringing the values into the scheme

Scope of Service:

Brand and Experience

Media Productions

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Project Value:



Phase 1 completed Aug 2015

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Having been inspired by the SoVibrant work completed for Victoria Primary School and the impact it had had on the children, Spen Valley High School contacted SoVibrant to work on a graphics transformation project in key areas throughout the school.

Spen Valley High School is a co-educational school with 895 students between the ages of 11 to 16. A ‘good’ school, it is relentless in its drive to move forward with priorities, which are rooted in improving outcomes for students and fuelled by partnership working with all stakeholders.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to introduce, in a positive way, the school’s new inspiring values in a seamless manner, and to gain engagement from all members of the school’s community.

The Results

By involving the students and hearing their voice, SoVibrant designed a school-specific scheme that introduced aspirational people within the graphics. People that reflected the new school values and inspirational quotes that supported them. Now complete, the graphics flow seamlessly through the school, connecting with the students at every opportunity.

A smooth process throughout, all work was completed within the allocated time-scales. SoVibrant has received positive feedback and is currently in talks for Phase 2.

“Passionate. Professional. Visionary. These are the three words I’d use to describe the work SoVibrant has completed with our school. I’d certainly recommend the team to other schools and colleges looking to make change happen.

“It was more than just making the school ‘look’ better. The philosophy behind SoVibrant’s work was rooted in understanding and developing the school ethos, linking in to our school values. The team listened to our needs and involved the students – they had a real voice. SoVibrant responded positively but at the same time managed to move us out of our comfort zone and see the project with a more holistic view. At our recent open evening many parents felt it was lighter, brighter and more welcoming – Kay Brennan – Deputy Headteacher, Spen Valley High School

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