SoVibrant, one of the UK’s leading independent strategic creative consultancies, has been awarded the contract to undertake strategic planning for three schools belonging to the Elliot Foundation, a successful multi-academy trust specialising in the primary sector.

With clusters of primary schools across the West Midlands, London and East Anglia, the Elliot Foundation has 18 schools and almost 7,000 pupils in total. For this project, SoVibrant will be working collaboratively with three of its schools, Kings Rise Academy, Croft Academy and Rough Hay Primary School.

The three academies are federated and led by executive principal and Kings Rise Academy principal Paul Edgerton however, each school has its own dedicated principal and operates individually. The primary project objective is to improve the cohesion between the schools.

Using its unique mix of specialist services, Strategy and Transformation, Brand and Experience, Interiors and Media Productions, SoVibrant will be working collaboratively with the schools to develop a strategic plan to aid the remodelling of both the branding and estates in tandem.

Elliot Foundation executive principal Paul Edgerton explains: “Our focus is to create strong brands that will allow a more coordinated approach to visual and verbal communication, connecting teachers, pupils, parents and the wider community. We want each school to have its own identity yet clearly to be a part of the schools in our cluster and of course the Elliot Foundation. With this in place SoVibrant will be designing and co-ordinating a refurbishment strategy across the three school sites to help us create the best learning environment we can for our pupils.

SoVibrant’s creative director, Adam Atkinson said: “We’re delighted to be working with the Elliot Foundation over the next year. We have worked with a number of primary schools as well as other educational establishments, from EYFS to university level, transforming identities and shaping inspirational settings that stimulate and secure successful learning.”

The project is now underway and is due to complete in September 2017.

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