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Rossett School





Project Description:

Brand design


New entrance

Scope of Service:

Brand and Experience


Media Productions

Project size: 

Approx. 1,500 pupils

Project Value:



Summer 2014

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Rossett School is a secondary school in Harrogate with a focus on inspirational learning and academic excellence. The school approached SoVibrant to advise on a strategy to combat strong competition from other schools within a shared catchment area. The focus of the strategy was to develop a strong visual identity that clearly communicated the school’s aspiration to become a modern technologically focused alternative to the more traditional competition.

The Challenge

To create a new brand proposition to capture the school’s aspirations and to allow the academy to thrive in a competitive environment.

To design and implement the new brand identity into print and digital collateral, and to connect to the physical environment through the extension and refurbishment of the reception facilities.

The Results

With a memorable new brand featured around the school and throughout the wider community, Rossett School has had an exceptional increase in students selecting it as their first or second choice destination. The school’s profile has been improved dramatically within the community and its visual identity is now clearly aligned to its educational ethos.

“Working with SoVibrant has been an exceptional experience for us as a school and one in which we have gained so much. I have been both amazed and delighted at the way in which, from the first meeting, the team took our ideas and were able to conceptualise what we stand for and how we see ourselves in the community.

It has changed the way members of the wider community think about us and we have had excellent feedback from students, staff and parents. We look forward to working with SoVibrant on the next stage.” – Headteacher – Rossett School

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