Outstanding learning environments


How to create an outstanding educational learning environment
Here we share some of SoVibrant’s greatest (and most surprising) success stories.

Create a brand that inspires inside and out
Chances are, when you think of big brands like Coca Cola, Amazon, Audi… you know exactly the kind of organisation you’re dealing with. The brand is distinctive, you know exactly what they offer and they’re always ‘talking’ to their customers.

To achieve similar for your education establishment, align your strategic objectives, pedagogy and physical environment under one powerful, cohesive narrative to create a brand and provide your organisation with a unique and special focus; one that differentiates.

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This is what one of our clients said of her school’s new brand:

“It has changed the way members of the wider community think about us and we have had excellent feedback from students, staff and parents. We look forward to working with SoVibrant on the next stage.” – Headteacher – Rossett School, Harrogate.

Find out how SoVibrant transformed this brand here.

Simple changes that make the same budget work much, much harder
Whether you’re thinking of updating your brand or not, this isn’t as simple as it seems simple refurbishment of classrooms or communal spaces can, with some creative thought, create much more inspirational environments without breaking the budget.


Surprising detail benefits student privacy

Incorporating a private meeting room where students can talk to teachers in a safe and private space was important for this school. Here SoVibrant came up with the idea of incorporating a gradient design into the door and glass panels, which visually looks great yet offers the important benefit of student privacy, with only adults being able to see in.

Creating unity
For schools, colleges and universities too, the introduction of a well-designed uniform or key branded pieces unites both students, staff and community. Our experience has shown that a uniform everyone is proud to wear becomes almost like a recognised ‘community brand’. Students are proud to wear it both inside school and out (one of our designs has even been spotted as part of weekend wear!).


Improving the flow
The development and implementation of an effective way-finding system with clear signage from the outside and throughout the estate can help bring the community in and aid students, teachers, parents and visitors to navigate complex education settings.

Make it easy for students, especially in those first weeks and months, and help busy parents and visitors to find their way around.


Attention to detail is important at SoVibrant. Click here to see how details, including inspirational internal graphics and features that made ‘wish list’ requests a reality, wholly improved this school’s learning environment.

Make change happen in your organisation
Working collaboratively, we help schools and other educational establishments to remodel both the brand and estate in tandem.

Unleash the potential of your organisation
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Click here to find out how SoVibrant creates outstanding learning environments.

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