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How we refurbish and remodel schools

Whether you’re a primary school seeking to tackle the impending shortage of children’s places, a new academy looking to make sure you look your best for an open day or you may be planning to refurbish or remodel your organisation’s estate.

Don’t fall into the trap

This whole process can be costly but with careful planning and collaboration, both estate, and brand, can be remodelled in tandem, often without unnecessary building work – squeezing every penny creatively out of precious budgets.

We use a rigorously tested process that we call our SoVibrant Transformation model to help education establishments make this change happen.

This simple diagram shows a top-line overview with a step-by-step guide to our approach below.

Education Transformation Model Diagram

Discovery: The Starting Point

Strategic appraisal and site survey

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We get to know an organisation from the inside out by undertaking a Strategic Appraisal & Site Survey. Working with staff, students, other stakeholders and the wider community we spend time observing and experiencing the day-to-day activities. We ask questions, listen and analyse.

We discuss any future planning aspects and assess current brand, communication formats and real estate. This helps to prioritise and sequence estate and communication activities.

Evidence: The Plan

School consultancy report

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At this point, we present our Consultancy Report, which ensures all investment proposals are in line with the internal improvement plan, and that it fully integrates with overarching strategic objectives.

We provide the insight and validation on the current situation; identify priorities and long-term issues, offering the creative design solutions in written and visual formats

Recommendations: The Vision

Site & brand strategy, and action plan

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Sometimes it’s hard to visualise how phases of work will be sequenced. Our Site & Brand Strategy, and Action Plan allows leaders to see exactly what the journey will look like, and how quickly it will take place.

Gaining input from the organisation’s team and the wider community is essential at this point, that is why we will also provide visuals, such as diagrammatic plans, fly-throughs and photo-real visuals that present an overall picture of the changes.

It also includes a detailed plan with a budget and proposed timing schedules, including third party recommendations and quotes.

Development: The Partnership

Working in partnership to finalise the plan

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The aim of this stage is to agree a final plan for approval and sign-off. This includes confirming the activity and solutions to be implemented, always ensuring the plan integrates with objectives, pedagogy, curriculum and personality.

Design: The Creative Solution

Bringing your identity to life

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Working collaboratively, we find the creative solution that achieves both space and communication objectives.

Design concepts and a proposed critical path will be presented for feedback, input and approval throughout this stage. Ultimately, an agreed and approved mix of design and communication content will be achieved.

Implementation: The Transformation Solution

Making change happen

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Working with the education team and the chosen third parties to implement the agreed action plan. This is where the change happens!

A SoVibrant point of contact is allocated and we project manage all aspects of the work, for which we are responsible, liaising with any or all third parties, with regular project meetings and ongoing critical path management.

Evaluation: The Results Solution

Assessing the results

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At this point we will assess the results and revisit the project on a regular basis. We make a point of staying in contact to ensure the implementation was a success, and to help continue to develop the organisation’s opportunities.

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