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A global brand proposition for HSBC corporate

Primary location:

HSBC, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London


HSBC’s Dublin HQ, Data Centres and the rest of its corporate real estate.

Project Description:

Interior Brand Consultancy

Scope of Service:

Brand & Experience
Media Productions

Project size: 




Project Value:

£27 million combined

Contract Value:

£1 million plus


March 2010-2011

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HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations serves some 52 million customers.

The company wanted to give each of its global sites internal branding autonomy but having worked with some key design agencies, no solution had been achieved. Due to SoVibrant’s unique mix of services and skills HSBC selected SoVibrant.

The Challenge

As staff are in regular contact with the HSBC brand in its red, white and black logo form, the company challenged SoVibrant to create an interior design concept that retains and communicates the brand’s values and messaging but gives each site a degree of design flexibility.

The Results

Tailored solutions

  • SoVibrant developed a set of corporate internal brand design guidelines for HSBC that allows each global site to tailor its interior with its own ‘local’ theme using visual graphic design-led installations.
  • Bringing the brand to life, this original design concept conveys the importance of communication to a company that exists in over 80 different countries and celebrates local individuality.

Communication is paramount

  • From in-depth analysis of HSBC’s brand values, SoVibrant concluded that for an organisation of such a large size, employing so many people across different countries, cultures and language barriers, communication is paramount to its success.

Innovative messaging and interior graphics

  • Focusing on the internal application of colours, materials and the inclusion of internal brand values and messaging, SoVibrant introduced interior graphics techniques inspired by a mainstream advertising processes called post-advertising, which describes a way of communicating through image, rather than direct messaging.
  • The first installation was applied to glass double doors on the Chief Executive’s private lift lobby entrance in Canada Square. Due to the nature of visitors he receives, there was a privacy requirement. However building control stated that the glass door had to have  visibility for security reasons.
  • Overcoming this challenge, the artwork was installed so that the inside is a metallic, reflective, unbroken installation with no colour bleed through. The reverse is a negative of the image that suites with the open plan office scheme of black and white.
  • With media layered in between, when you stand back from the door, it is completely reflective but within reaching distance of the door handle, the image goes opaque so that you can make out shapes on the other side.
  • The message within the artwork demonstrates that an idea starts with an individual and, through communication, cascades throughout the business gaining momentum and excitement, benefiting from other expertise to then become something amazing for everyone. Global roll-out
  • This initial project resulted in an interior brand strategy, which was rolled out across the globe in over 80 countries, cascading from London to HSBC’s Dublin HQ, Data Centres and the rest of their corporate real estate.

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