“The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind.” – Thomas Carlyle

As a multi-disciplinary creative consultancy, So Vibrant’s organisational structure and extensive industry knowledge provides the perfect platform for collaboration.  For clients, this ensures efficient and integrated working practices with meaningful and positive results for everyone.  For our designers it creates true collaborative drive, an outlet to share, learn, develop, enhance and deliberate – a means to propel design thinking and innovation.

Whether working together on a site analysis, considering a detail design drawing for intricate joinery items or providing concept design sketches to be developed into three-dimensional images, each interaction and exchange of knowledge feeds the conceptual design process allowing it to grow into something extraordinary.

This understanding and appreciation of collaboration is also a key consideration for design in the workplace.  Today’s working culture is about cultivating the sharing of information and encouraging new ideas.  With this in mind, our solutions aim to re-shape the workplace and provide stimulating spaces, which support this new way of working.

Please see below examples of our recent transformations for a preview of the possibilities for your next project.

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