Clean defined lines..

My attraction to clean lines and simple, defined forms became apparent at an early age, when I would often immerse myself in the world I was creating with my drawing pad.

My drawings had no boundaries and would frequently start out as everyday objects and end up becoming so much more developed, expressing their own stories.

My appreciation of design in general grew as I matured and became more exposed to different styles. However, my initial feeling and attraction towards design remained and has always been centred on clean, simple lines.

Another of my interests is cars, where form and individual style is key.


The car that initially caught my eye was the Chevy 57, Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Sedan 1957. With its clean, bold defined lines, the Chevy 57 has everything I am passionate about in my own designs and drawing standards here at SoVibrant. Its form is elegant with its direct and flowing flare; I’ll let the photo do the talking…

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