Celebrating birthdays the SoVibrant way!


Here at SoVibrant we endeavour to stand out from the crowd, even when it comes down to birthdays. You could say, we certainly make change happen! We don’t like the predictable, we create memorable birthday moments.

Not satisfied with just buying a standard birthday cake, our in-house cake maker (aka me!) designs bespoke cakes for each member of the team; a cake that means something to them and reflects their interests or personality.

Having an office full of big personalities has seen the creation of some interesting cakes. And, with a growing office, it means more birthday celebrations and of course, more birthday cake!

I’m sure everyone has experienced birthdays that have gone completely unnoticed at work. However, your work colleagues are the people you spend the majority of your time with, and we believe your birthday should be a celebration both at work and home.

Little personal touches go such a long way. Events like this, no matter how large or small, bring us all together creating that distinctive feeling that may not exist in some workplaces. Here at SoVibrant, we make everyone feel valued, as everyone is an integral part of our team; it’s what makes us SoVibrant!

010715_Katie Carter_Celebrating birthdays the SoVibrant way_Team photo - Copy

010715_Katie Carter_Celebrating birthdays the SoVibrant way_Ryans birthday cake 010715_Katie Carter_ Celebrating birthdays the SoVibrant way_Francescas birthday cake 010715_Katie Carter_Celebrating birthdays the SoVibrant way_Chris' birthday cake

We also celebrated SoVibrant’s 6th birthday in May. An incredible amount of effort has made the company what it is today. We are all so proud to be part of such an amazing journey and look forward to many more phenomenal years to come.

010715_Katie Carter_Celebrating birthdays the SoVibrant way_SoVibrants 6th birthday cake - Copy

August is our next big birthday month, with five birthdays fast approaching, it looks like I’m going to have a busy time baking more cake creations.

Oh, and when it’s your special day… Happy Birthday.

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