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Egham, Surrey

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Private artwork commission

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November 2012

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SoVibrant Ltd, Hornbeam House, Hornbeam
Park, Harrogate HG2 8QT


SoVibrant were engaged to create a bespoke artwork commission for a neo-classical refurbishment of a private residence in Surrey. Situated within a 120 person entertainment suite, the installation was to be the signature artwork feature of the £25m refurbishment of the property.

The Challenge

To use specialist lighting techniques and innovative print media, including optically clear vinyls and white and metallic inks, to create a piece of transformative art capable of conveying both the transition between night and day and the feeling of seasonal change.

The Results

The artwork reacts and transforms according to the surrounding colour change lighting, transitioning between a warm and elegant aesthetic in the daytime to a sultry and luxurious, interactive installation that appears to change through the seasons at night. The installation truly exceeded the client’s expectations and was described as the ‘piece de resistance’ of the project.

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