key changes that transform schools
KEY CHANGES THAT TRANSFORM SCHOOLS   Having worked with many education establishments from schools to universities, here Adam Atkinson, SoVibrant’s creative director and education sector specialist, shares his recent experiences of delivering change that’s helped to transform primary schools and his thoughts on how to create outstanding learning environments. Make improvement plan budgets work much harder Many schools have an improvement plan in place with associated budgets allocated. By taking a creative and holistic approach to a school’s brand, strategic vision, interior and built environment, budgets can be made to work much harder, ensuring every project maximizes the opportunity to consider all of these key factors. With diligent planning and creative expertise schools can be remodelled, often without unnecessary building work. Our experience indicates that by connecting a school’s strategic objectives to its pedagogy, curriculum and personality, it is possible to deliver a better learning environment; one that engages, excites and motivates school leaders, teachers, [...]

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