Another giant leap for mankind


We’re always seeking out innovation, in and around our planet, that will empower and evolve our clients’ organisations as well as our own now and in the future, whether it’s being inspired by industrial design or visual effects in movies.

Today’s blog explores the next innovative steps NASA is taking towards understanding the human body. On the 27th March 2015, NASAlauncheda mission to send NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko in to space for a whole year, living and working aboard the International Space Station.


You may wonder why a mission like this is necessary? With earth’s finite natural resources, one day we may need to manufacture the key ingredients to our survival and this ‘year in space’ is a major steppingstone for human development and history itself.


Six months is currently the maximum stayin space before things start to happen to your body; you loose muscle strength, your bones start to break-up and loose mass, your eyeballs start to loose shape and vision. In addition to the physical effects, they will be researching physical performance, social interaction, behavioural patters and much more. Interestingly, Scott Kelly’s identical twin brother and former NASA astronaut will be providing comparative data for a year on earth and a year in space.


We love our sci-fi movies here at SoVibrant and often find ourselves watching stories like this so it’s amazing to see it happening in reality, and look forward to seeing how the findings will be used here on earth.


If you wish to follow Scott and Mikhail on the year-long mission you can watch day by day live footage on: Day to day link

or follow the award winning TIME Magazine in the year-long series here: Time Magazine link

Godspeed and good luck  – счастливого пути и удачи

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